Mod Spotlight - Thaumcraft 3 Part 127:10

Mod Spotlight - Thaumcraft 3 Part 1


Thaumcraft Logo

Thaumcraft is a mod which adds thaumaturgy to the game allowing the player to research topics using a research table. The product of researching is a discovery, a discovery can range from anything to magical golem workers to tallow candles. When a discovery is obtained the player may proceed to click it while held in-game. Doing so creates a section for the players discovery in the Thaumonomicon where how to make the object researched and the details about the object can be located. The player may then proceed to create this object in a magical crafting/brewing area such as an Infusion Altar or a Crucible

Pages about ThaumcraftEdit



Research Table

Arcane Workbench




Magic Tallow

Tallow Candle

Wand of the Apprentice

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